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L'ETUDE was born from the merger and succession of former firms in Fribourg. Over time, it has gradually evolved and been considerably strengthened with the successive arrival of partner and associate lawyers, chosen with care to complete and fortify the structure. It has also widely expanded its activities, notably by opening an office in Lausanne.


L'ETUDE presently regroups over fifteen lawyers on the sites of Fribourg and Lausanne. It offers services based on the skills of a whole team, which works together daily and, fully shares knowledge. It is able to completely manage business in languages ​​as diverse as French, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish and Turkish.


L'ETUDE provides its clients with particularly judicious legal advice - in the fields of construction and real estate law, business and labour law, as well as liability and insurance law - where it benefits from "SBA Specialist Attorneys", certified by the Swiss Bar Association.


L'ETUDE also increased its notoriety with lawyers offering courses at the University, regularly dispensing courses and training to target audiences, serving on governing bodies of companies, foundations, organizations and associations and becoming part of an international legal network Legal Netlink Allianz, LNA.


The philosophy of L'ETUDE is above all to provide a perfect accompaniment and assistance for each business by choosing the lawyer or lawyers best able to assist the client. Your file will thus be entrusted to an attorney or a pool of attorneys according to their knowledge, specialisations, experience, availability, and language proficiency. L'ETUDE aims to impose not only the quality of its services but also efficiency, personal support and loyalty to its clients.


L'ETUDE is primarily occupied by the solicitations of private clients and important economic players, such as public authorities, large companies, SMEs, construction companies and insurance companies. It offers its clients expertise in all of the important fields of law.


Through its history and its involvement in the local, national and international fabric, L'ETUDE is now firmly anchored in the judicial and economic world. It boasts a solid reputation, which largely benefits its clients.