Construction and Real Estate Law

L'ETUDE offers its clients proven legal skills in construction and real estate law. It also offers clients the benefit of a wide experience acquired with private and public property owners, various construction workers (companies, architects, engineers) and the federal, cantonal and communal administrative authorities.

L'ETUDE offers in particular legal support and advice to anticipate any difficulties. In cases where a dispute has already arisen, it endeavours to find extrajudicial solutions, provided it is in the best interest of the client. In all other cases, our lawyers represent the client in all proceedings, whether civil, administrative, criminal or arbitral.

L'ETUDE's advisors include one SBA specialist in construction and real estate law.

Our fields of practice include, in particular:

Private law

  • Contracts for work, architects and engineers
  • SIA and KBOB contracts
  • Legal Mortgage for craftsmen and entrepreneurs
  • Real estate sales
  • Standing property (PPE)
  • Neighbourhood rights
  • Technical standards
  • Litigation (civil, criminal, arbitral)
  • Mediation, arbitration, expertise-arbitration

Public law

  • Public procurement
  • Public-private partnership
  • Land-use planning (planning, dezoning, construction agreement, etc.)
  • Building permits
  • Formal and material expropriation
  • Environmental law (noise, polluted sites, major accidents, water, etc.)
  • Concessions
  • Administrative disputes


Representative Work

Drafting of a general contractor agreement adapted to the specific needs of the client (Project value > CHF 300 million).

Judicial representation in a matter of public procurement relating to the evaluation of tenders (including references), subcontractors' announcements and technical specifications (CHF 9 million market value).

Representation of a municipality before the courts following a claim for compensation raised in relation to the removal of the owner’s plot of land from the building zone (CHF 4.5 million).