L'ETUDE is comprised of experienced well-trained lawyers, especially in its fields of specialisation. It also benefits from the hard work of several young motivated and serious trainee lawyers, as well as competent and welcoming administrative staff. Through its team, L'ETUDE aims to promote competence, efficiency and flexibility at competitive rates.

Trainee Lawyers

Galaad Loup, Fribourg

Mooser François, Fribourg

Tiffaine Stegmüller, Lausanne


Aurélie Leiser, secretary-accountant, Fribourg

Caroline Jungo, secretary-receptionist, Fribourg

Ivana Pochon, secretary-receptionist, Fribourg

Faustine Migliano, secretary-receptionist, Lausanne

Claudia Boller, secretary-receptionist, Fribourg

Tiziana Ryter, secretary-receptionist, Lausanne

Lisa Repond, apprentice, Lausanne