To complement our team in the handling of cases in Fribourg, L’Etude is seeking to hire two full-time or part-time associate lawyers. We offer the opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary law firm, of medium size, present in Fribourg and Lausanne. The associate lawyers will be required to provide legal advice, perform legal research and represent clients in court.



  • Manage cases in various areas of law (contract law, corporate law, criminal law, lease law, construction law, etc.)
  • Perform legal research
  • Advise clients
  • Conduct settlement discussions with counter-parties and their advisors
  • Represent clients in court

Profile of candidates

  • Master in Swiss law, with Swiss bar
  • If possible, with legal experience
  • Mastery of at least two languages
  • Naturally communicative, persuasive and persevering.

Contact us by email by writing to Stéfan Schibler at or by phone at 058 123 0800.



L'ETUDE offers internships for young law graduates interested in learning how to become practicing lawyers of the Bar. In addition to a pleasant working environment, L'ETUDE offers integration with a team of experienced lawyers, a modern infrastructure and experience in the classical areas of law, with a commercial orientation.


In Fribourg, L'ETUDE remunerates its trainees according to the Collective Employment Agreement concerning the working conditions of trainee lawyers in the canton of Fribourg and according to their abilities. Before beginning a traineeship at L'ETUDE, it is required to complete an internship as a court clerk, in order to ensure the most complete training possible. In order to seriously cover the Bar material through case studies, our trainee lawyers are strongly advised to stay longer than the minimum required duration of 12 months at L'ETUDE. However, the actual duration of the internship will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, according to various criteria (age, experience, training, etc.)

Next available internship: Opening for bilingual (French / German) candidate starting in the summer of 2021.


In Lausanne, L'ETUDE remunerates its trainees according to the Standard Employment Contract for trainee lawyers in the canton of Vaud and according to their abilities. As a rule, L'ETUDE in Lausanne also requires prior experience as a court clerk, since it offers a very good understanding of the judicial world and teaches the art of writing. The duration of the internship is two years. A part of the training period, limited to a maximum of six months, may be carried out in another canton or with a judicial authority or public prosecutor, with the prior authorization of the Cantonal Court. In practice, however, an effective two-year traineeship within the firm is not unreasonable in order to acquire sufficient training.

Next available internship: Opening for a candidate starting in 2020.


Above all, L'ETUDE is looking for trainees who are serious, motivated and drawn by the practice of the Bar in the long term and who have a good command of languages.