The world in which we live is becoming more and more complex, as are the legal issues that need to be treated. In order to cope, lawyers must specialise to respond more quickly and efficiently to the expectations of their clients.

The Swiss Bar Association now certifies specialists throughout the country who have undergone a solid and identical training with the introduction of the title of "SBA Specialist Lawyer".

The "SBA Specialist Lawyer" title is a label of quality that guarantees that legal advice will be provided by a specialist and can be compared, to some extent, to the title of "FMH Specialist". Specialist lawyers are, in this sense, those who have particularly developed experience in one or more legal fields and who have subsequently passed an SBA certification issued after the completion of intensive training. In addition, in order to retain their title, specialist lawyers must constantly update their knowledge.

Nevertheless, specialist lawyers continue to carry out mandates that are not specific to their specialisation in other, more general, areas of law. Indeed, the specialisation of the lawyer in a particular field does not affect his or her experience and his or her mastery of other branches of law, meaning that specialist lawyers continue to be able to advise their clients effectively in all areas law.

The SBA Specialist Lawyers in our firm are :

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